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Safety in the Cloud

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Safety in the Cloud


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Why have only one guard to protect your business data when you can have an entire cloud-based cyberarmy?

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How useful it is to have the value of cloud-based cybersecurity explained in terms of business benefits! PwC’s David Burg and Tom Archer, both US-based technology and cybersecurity experts, provide a clear path and rationale for moving in-house IT security systems to cloud-based services. With relatable and convincing examples, they dispel fears about entrusting company data to the cloud and outline the benefits of an advanced cloud solution. getAbstract recommends this article to business leaders, company owners and IT professionals.


Companies today have seen hackers steal corporate secrets and customer details. Even though digital privacy and safety become more important to a global economy, many businesses hesitate to trust cloud-based cybersecurity. Cloud-based security represents a paradigm shift from defensive measures like firewalls toward a sharing-based system that monitors both the criminal and the customer to protect against future attacks with greater agility at a fraction of the cost. Data about the behavior of those who legitimately...

About the Authors

David Burg is a principal with PwC US and leads PwC’s global and US cybersecurity practice. Tom Archer is a partner with PwC US and leads its global alliance with Google.

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