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Six Simple Steps Pave the Way to the Cloud

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Six Simple Steps Pave the Way to the Cloud

Boston Consulting Group,

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Six simple steps help large organizations transition successfully to the cloud.

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Large organizations have a lot to gain from migrating IT systems to the cloud. But many businesses fail to transition effectively, and thereby miss out on increased business value and technological efficiencies. In this report, Suruj Dutta, Gitin Grewal and Hrishi Hrishikesh of Boston Consulting Group propose six steps organizations should follow to minimize migration risks and provide tangible results when moving systems to the cloud.


Many large organizations miss out on the full benefits of moving their IT systems to the cloud.

Companies are, increasingly, turning to cloud servicing to host their applications; yet many large organizations fail to fully realize the business value or technology benefits the cloud offers. Often, the problem lies in a lack of considered migration planning.

For example, IT staff may fail to assess cloud capabilities for business functionality, instead, focusing on technological performance. Or the organization might not consider available in-house skills, or neglect to hire workers with cloud expertise, and, thereby, tie itself to cloud vendors. Another trap organizations fall into is running their IT systems across onsite data centers and the cloud, resulting in greater costs and lower reliability.

Following disciplined steps can help organizations realize the full potential of a cloud migration.

About the Authors

Suruj Dutta, Gitin Grewal and Hrishi Hrishikesh are experts in cloud technology and migration strategy at Boston Consulting Group, working with financial institutions, telecommunications clients and other regulated industries. 

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