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Smart Women Finish Rich

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Smart Women Finish Rich

9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams

Broadway Books,

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Even if you start with few assets, you can prosper with financial goalsetting, investing, and saving.

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Women face disadvantages when it comes to handling money, says author David Bach, particularly those who were raised to believe that family finances are a man’s responsibility. Although his book is addressed to “smart women,” Bach’s goalsetting and investing guide is helpful to men as well. He’ll make you love organized lists: In addition to the subtitle’s “nine steps,” there are “three myths,” “ten biggest mistakes,” and more. These lists help make his recommendations usable and memorable. Despite some self-promotion, Bach offers basic wisdom that emphasizes values and sensible practices. If you find it easier to talk about religion and politics than about money or if you’re making only minimum monthly credit card payments, you’ll find his counsel very grounding.


Take nine steps in planning your financial future.

Women often are financially vulnerable: they earn less than men, live longer, and may lack fiscal fundamentals. Rose Bach decided she would be different.

Bach was the chief wig buyer at Gimbel’s department store in New York City. Although she and her husband were poor, she decided that investing was the key to success. Without any advice, she bought as many stocks and bonds as she could and encouraged her grandson to do the same. At age seven, he made his first stock purchase after saving his allowance for months: three shares of McDonald’s.

Inspired by his grandma’s example, author David Bach went on to advise countless women about gaining financial security. Many women don’t know the details of their family finances, though it is increasingly common for a woman to become her family’s financial mainstay. In the United States, women sign “seven out of ten personal checks,” are responsible for “upwards of 52% of all earned household income,” and own more than nine million small businesses – a majority.

To plan for a secure future and gain control of your finances, take these nine steps:


About the Author

David Bach publishes and speaks widely about financial planning. He developed the ”Smart Women Finish Rich” and “Smart Couples Finish Rich” seminars and websites. Previously, he was senior vice president of a New York brokerage firm and a partner in The Bach Group investment firm.

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