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So You Want to Fire Someone

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So You Want to Fire Someone

At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

At the Table,

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If you need to fire someone, do it for the right reasons. 

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No one likes to be fired. No one likes to do the firing – and dismissing an employee can send shock waves throughout an organization. This doesn’t mean that letting someone go is never warranted, but it must be well thought-through and executed with dignity. In this episode of the podcast series At the Table, best-selling author Patrick Lencioni and his guests discuss best practices for dealing with team members who don’t thrive at their jobs. Their advice is spot-on, actionable and deeply humane.


Firing someone must be a considered decision.

Firing someone for the wrong reasons has many negative repercussions – not just for the person being fired. It can send shock waves throughout the company, and the person doing the firing will have to live with the decision for the rest of their life. Terminating an employee should never be a pretext for avoiding difficult conversations or holding somebody accountable. But once you’ve tried everything to help an employee thrive at a job, you won’t do them any favors by dragging out the decision endlessly. If you have to let someone go, do so with dignity.

The first question to ask when considering firing somebody: Is the person a cultural fit for your company?

The first inquiry to make before terminating an employee who is underperforming is...

About the Podcast

Best-selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni is the founder of The Table Group, which consults companies on organizational health and leadership. His podcast, At the Table, offers practical advice for everyday leaders.

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