Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

How to Develop Strategic Messaging and Positioning

Medium, 2016




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Your company is innovative, groundbreaking and relentless. But do your customers know that? Strategic messaging communicates your vision and value to stakeholders, but, too often, companies overlook the benefits of effective messaging. Marketing and product growth expert Myk Pono explains how to improve your brand’s messaging to entice new business. While it may be a dry read for some, Pono’s advice is practical and actionable. getAbstract suggests that marketing professionals in tech fields and beyond familiarize themselves with this worthwhile strategy.


Tech companies often overlook strategic messaging because the return on investment is hard to quantify. However, messaging is a fundamental step to convey your company’s vision and products’ value in order to “create a customer.” Powerful messaging is “simple and consistent.” Interview your team and customers to check if the way your company views its products matches outsiders’ perceptions. Ask your staff what they believe the company does, what problem it solves, what sets it apart from its competitors and what value it provides customers. If everyone...

About the Author

Myk Pono is a San Francisco–based marketing and product growth consultant and entrepreneur.

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