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An Introduction to Wardley (Value Chain) Mapping summary
To wage a business battle, you must first have a map.


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In any battle, be it physical, political or commercial, a crucial element to securing victory is a map. Business leaders love to talk about strategy, but, too often, they make decisions without taking context into serious consideration. In this highly practical article, business strategist Simon Wardley provides a step-by-step introduction to how “Wardley Mapping” can help you to develop the “situational awareness” needed to understand your organization’s evolving contextual circumstances, streamline your business practices and plan effective “strategic plays” to win your business battles. getAbstract recommends this article to business owners, executives, managers and strategists.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to map your business components and environment,
  • How to streamline your business practices and systems, and
  • How to use your maps to plan and execute effective “strategic plays.”


What’s the secret to developing an effective business strategy? Too often, business leaders conceive of organizational structuring and strategy in illogical ways – for instance, by reflexively reacting to what others do or based on gut feelings. Ultimately, if you want to ensure your business runs effectively...
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About the Author

Simon Wardley is a researcher for CSC’s Leading Edge Forum; a fellow of the Open Forum Europe; and an industry and technology mapper, business strategist and “destroyer of underserved value.”

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