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Successful Onboarding

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Successful Onboarding

Strategies to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization


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Your company can tap into valuable resources with a systemic onboarding program

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Have you ever started a new job and had an awful feeling of sensory overload? Your first day, week or year in a new position can seem overwhelming, particularly if your employer doesn’t handle your onboarding process well. If you’d like to avoid inflicting that experience on your new hires, management consultants Mark A. Stein and Lilith Christiansen explain how and why systemic onboarding can benefit your employees and your company. Then they tell you how to do it right – providing detailed charts and tables to help you map out a comprehensive onboarding plan. While the book slips unavoidably into HR jargon from time to time, it is readable enough for any business leader looking to exploit heretofore untapped resources.


Why Onboarding?

Did you know that you can expect a third of your new hires to leave your firm within their first two years? That statistic represents a huge economic drain on your company – but you can prevent that loss. The answer may lie in how well – or poorly – you integrate your new employees into your organization. If your business is like most companies, you have room for improvement. The majority of firms do not have a comprehensive process to prepare and acclimate recruits, and few help newcomers network with pivotal colleagues and develop their careers. But now business leaders are discovering the benefits of onboarding employees using “a strategic and systemic approach” – rather than a haphazard effort by recruiters, HR personnel and managers that does nothing to stanch a firm’s typical “10 to 15% annual attrition” rate.

Successful strategic onboarding programs can help new workers become productive more quickly – an important advantage at any time, but particularly vital in a tight economy. And because onboarding encompasses “every experience that the new hire has in the course of the first year,” systemic onboarding should continue beyond a neophyte...

About the Authors

Kaiser Associates partners Mark A. Stein and Lilith Christiansen are experts in organizational development and onboarding.

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