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Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter

Da Capo Press,

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Superficial networking is meaningless. For real power, build real connections.

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Thanks to the internet and social media, connecting virtually with a lot of people has never been easier. For real power, however, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh – who manage invitation-only professional communities – urge you to build real connections instead. The road to being an influential “superconnector” involves developing relationships that can last, one person at a time. The authors offer practical advice for creating meaningful, enduring superconnections.


In today’s busy, hyperconnected world, relationships matter.

Being influential requires connecting with the people who count and building meaningful relationships that can last. These relationships are your social capital – today’s most valuable currency. To amass this capital and to use it most wisely, become a “superconnector.”

Superconnectors understand that connections represent power. Superconnectors create communities for the long-term and leverage them to achieve their goals.

Keith Ferrazzi, who coined the term “superconnector,” explains that these ace networkers are influential because they use their relationships to become “information brokers” who continually learn and connect. Because they are committed to constantly expanding their knowledge, they become increasingly attractive to know.

Conventional networking is becoming passé, but real relationships have enduring value.

Superconnecting relies on meaningful relationships that rarely develop online. Most people don’t know how to move their superficial online connections into the offline world. They may expand their email lists to...

About the Authors

Scott Gerber is the co-founder and CEO of The Community Company, which managers invitation-only professional communities. Ryan Paugh is the co-founder and COO of The Community Company and also co-founded the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invitation-only organization for entrepreneurs age 40 and under.

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