Thank You for Being Late
A review of

Thank You for Being Late

Finding a Job, Running a Country, and Keeping Your Head in an Age of Accelerations

Thomas L. FriedmanFSG • 2016

Cope with Change or Else

by David Meyer

Bestseller and New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman describes the coming future and how America might adjust to it.

Three-time Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman offers an in-depth consideration of how technology, climate change and acceleration change every aspect of life everywhere.

This book did extraordinarily well. It was a number one New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller, listed among The Wall Street Journal’s 10 Books to Read Now, an OWL Business Book Award shortlist finalist, a Financial Times long list finalist and a McKinsey Business Book of the Year. In it, Friedman provides detailed tours of the history of a range of technologies, geopolitical forces and climate shifts. He ends each history by explaining how that technology, force or climate trend will further accelerate and then speculating as to the consequences of that acceleration. And he winningly and charmingly urges Americans to vest in their communities, to rebuild a sense of belonging to one nation by encompassing one neighbor at a time.

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