The Burnout Epidemic
A review of

The Burnout Epidemic

The Rise of Chronic Stress and How We Can Fix It

Canaries in the Coal Mine

by Patricia Sanders

Burnout doesn’t stem from personal failing; instead, it signals a workplace in need of change. To combat burnout, leaders must show empathy, and work to build a culture of fairness, accountability and humaneness.

Researchers who study burnout – and the legions of workers suffering from it – have come to realize that, although individuals can do much to manage their exhaustion and improve their emotional well-being, a lasting solution to fighting burnout will depend on shifts in the workplace culture. With her perceptive book on the subject, Jennifer Moss joins the growing chorus of voices urging meaningful change for the sake of both workers’ wellness and organizational performance.

Moss, a public speaker, radio columnist and award-winning journalist, has covered topics including wellness and emotions in the workplace. As a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, she has written about grief, loneliness, burnout and stress at work since 2015. Her award-winning book, Unlocking Happiness at Work, makes a business case for the pursuit of happiness in the workplace.

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    M. A. 6 months ago
    It is a valuable resource that provides inspiring insights and effective strategies for skill development and team performance enhancement. It serves as an excellent companion for professionals looking to improve their workplaces and elevate opportunities for learning and development.