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In this information-packed TED Talk, “sharing innovator” Rachel Botsman describes the concept of “collaborative consumption” and convinces viewers that a consumer revolution is on the horizon. Her logical progression of information amply conveys the inevitability of a paradigm shift. getAbstract recommends this video to Internet entrepreneurs, retail and manufacturing executives, and individuals who wish to enhance their online social currency.


Swap websites are a growing trend. They allow consumers to barter their unwanted possessions with anonymous people online. For instance, on Swaptree [now Swap.com], a platform for bartering, you can trade a DVD you own but no longer want for one you would like to watch. The transaction requires mere seconds of your time, and no money exchanges hands. This swap website helps you identify and satisfy a “coincidence of wants.” Such technology-driven juggernauts foster trust between strangers and have “wired our world to share.” Termed “groundswell collaborative consumption,” this movement is flourishing...

About the Speaker

Rachel Botsman is a “sharing innovator” and co-author of What’s Mine Is Yours.

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