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The Courage Map

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The Courage Map

13 Principles for Living Boldly


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Are you ready to unlock the courage within you and embrace a life of meaning and adventure?

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What makes one person brave and another fearful? Are you born with courage? Can you cultivate it? Entrepreneur and speaker Franziska Iseli pondered these questions during a multiyear motorcycle journey. Her thoughts and experiences form the basis for this slim, inspiring volume. Using the language of a road trip to structure her text, Iseli unpacks foundational ideas about the nature and benefits of courage, and shares tips and action steps formulated according to 13 principles or values to help you learn to live a more courageous and meaningful life.


Courage is a vital life skill. It is not recklessness.

You need courage for many aspects of crafting a meaningful life – a life that embodies your personal values and has a positive effect on other people. Courage is not the opposite of fear. Rather, courage allows you to face your fears and react mindfully in ways that serve your interests and those of the people you encounter. Building your capacity for courage will help you stay true to yourself. The actions of the crowd won’t sway you. You will know what you believe and feel enabled to stand up for your convictions, even when doing so is uncomfortable. Courage helps you pursue grand, risky goals and try new things.

Recklessness means taking a risk that is not worthwhile or responsible. Often, reckless behavior springs from a desire to prove something to someone else. Courage means taking worthy risks – risks with a purpose. For example, when author Franziska Iseli quit her corporate day job to start a new business, Basic Bananas, the move took courage, but it wasn’t a pointless risk. Courageous living means building a life that reflects your essential values and helps...

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Marketing strategist and inspirational speaker Franziska Iseli founded, and 

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