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The Creator Mindset

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The Creator Mindset

92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability


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Let your innate creativity fuel your success.

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Young Nir Bashan and his friend Richard went door to door offering to wash their neighbors’ cars for $5. No one wanted their services. That kind of rejection is tough on a nine-year-old. Sitting on the curb, disheartened, the viability of their newly-formed business hanging in the balance, the boys went over their options. This moment marked the inception of Nir Bashan’s commitment to the “Creator Mindset.” By stepping out of his analytical mind, and into his creative one, Bashan discovered a solution to his first business’s problem – and also discovered solutions that might fit yours.


The world pushes you toward the analytical and away from the creative; now it’s time to fuse the two.

As most people grow up, they get the message that creativity is immature or frivolous or not relevant to the business world. As a result, people stop using their creative minds and lean into analytical thinking. 

You can train yourself to be creative, rekindling your innate spark of creativity. Businesses that learn to operate with creativity will prosper; those operating on the analytical alone will stagnate. Analytical thinking cannot replicate empathy, passion, understanding and creativity. The creator mind-set doesn’t ask you to ignore analytical thinking, but to understand that the balanced brain has limitless potential.

As the trait that kept humans alive and thriving throughout history, creativity is your birthright.

Predators that were physically superior – stronger, faster, with better sight, smell or hearing, fangs and claws – hunted humans. Creativity kept early humans alive. Creativity is your birthright. 

The early human quest to survive pushed people toward creative solutions, and made people lean...

About the Author

Clio Award-winner Nir Bashan is an author, speaker, and the CEO and founder of The Creator Mindset LLC, which provides coaching, consulting, and workshops for companies that want to harness creativity.

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    A. I. 2 months ago
    Es muy importante fusionar la parte analítica con lo creativo para que así los negocios tengan un mayor éxito y prosperidad; el aprender a escuchar a los demás es fundamental ya que de la sociedad podemos obtener nuevas ideas que nos sirvan para implementar en los negocios. Es importante día a día reinventarnos y no quedarnos estancados, estar incursionando y mirar a nuestro alrededor que nuevas oportunidades e ideas hay que nos puedan aportar a nuestro proyecto.

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