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The Future of the Automotive Industry

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The Future of the Automotive Industry

The Disruptive Forces of AI, Data Analytics, and Digitization


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The automobile will be at the center of smart, connected cities of the future. 

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As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, conceptions of the car are undergoing a profound shift, says AI scientist Inma Martínez. Artificial intelligence and 5G are disrupting an entire industry, triggering innovations that can transform cities of the future, provided that brands work toward the collective good, explains Martínez. The future Martínez envisions is one in which driverless electric cars free humans to enjoy the ride through more connected, safer and sustainable cities. 


The Digital Revolution is radically disrupting the automobile industry.

The automobile industry is in the midst of a technological evolution. The move to essentially transform cars – which today feature digital dashboards and entertainment systems – into digital devices is a natural progression of the Digital Age. Collaborations between electronics and automobile industries have led to automation and computerization innovations that make driving safer and more efficient.

Automation is nothing new: BMW first developed a now-common feature, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system – which allows the machine to take control in critical situations – in the 1980s. IoT company and heritage brand Bosch, which leads in computerizing and digitalizing car systems, aims to make automobiles resemble home environments with smart devices. Bosch works with Mercedes-Benz to create a new paradigm for car design, one that involves more comfort and less driving. The automobile industry’s obsession with disrupting paradigms embodies the spirit of innovation. Manufacturers strive to create new solutions...

About the Author

AI scientist and adviser on digital transformation Inma Martínez is a member of The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence’s (GPAI) expert group.

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