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The Good Thing About Climate Change

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The Good Thing About Climate Change



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Climate change poses global challenges and risks, but it also offers investment opportunities.

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While the dangers of climate change preoccupy most people, the opportunities in firms addressing and alleviating the impacts of climate change don’t attract enough attention. Investment professionals Lucas White and Jeremy Grantham expound on why long-term investors should consider harvesting gains from the businesses engaged in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Though it never gives investment advice, getAbstract nonetheless recommends this timely report to investors intrigued by the future prospects of the “climate change sector.”


Climate change offers investors the chance to buy shares in companies that could generate wealth while preventing environmental catastrophes. Businesses in the “climate change sector” serve in two capacities: mitigation or adaptation. Mitigation firms promote a clean energy agenda focusing on solar, wind, nuclear, hydro and geothermal energies; batteries and storage; smart grids; and clean power generation. Adaptation companies address threats to crops and drinking water by producing drought-resistant seeds, high-yield fertilizers or equipment for recycling water, among ...

About the Authors

Lucas White is the lead portfolio manager for climate change strategy at GMO LLC. Jeremy Grantham is a co-founder of GMO LLC and the firm’s chief investment strategist.

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