The Internet Apologizes…

The Internet Apologizes…

Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong – from the architects who built it.




Technology writer Noah Kulwin talked with programmers, technicians, product designers and Silicon Valley CEOs for their take on what went wrong with the Internet. getAbstract recommends his analysis to tech industry insiders and everyday online users.


Based on interviews with prominent Silicon Valley leaders, these 15 steps detail the journey from the founding years’ innocent idealism to the disturbing new realities of a maturing Internet:

  1. Too much idealism – The founders’ enthusiasm about connecting people and promoting free speech blinded them to possible abuses of their platforms.
  2. Too much power – As the Internet and social media sites took off, Silicon Valley CEOs and product designers started to acquire an unhealthy amount of control over their users.  
  3. Enter greed – Wall Street ...

About the Author

Noah Kulwin is a technology editor at VICE News.

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