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The Leader’s Guide to Resilience

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The Leader’s Guide to Resilience

How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results

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You can develop the tools and mind-set to lead resilient teams that thrive even amid uncertainty.

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Psychologist Audrey Tang offers a guidebook for leaders who want to build their – and their team members’ – resilience. She explains that everyone has innate resilience, and leaders can use research-backed practices and tips to find and fortify it. Tang’s accessible, inspirational guidance will help leaders cultivate self-awareness, authenticity and inner strength; build passionate teams; and embrace an ethos of corporate responsibility and sustainability.


Resilience is innate. Learn how to unlock it.

You have innate resilience – the ability to survive, recover and flourish amid adversity.  When you feel unable to cope with difficult situations, you can tap into your resilience, nurture it and restore it. Being resilient means accepting the reality of your situation and learning from your mistakes. It requires being “self-ish” – reflecting on your choices, behaviors and needs, and cultivating the self-awareness to avoid reacting ineffectively or alienating potential allies. 

To expand your resilience, focus on healthy collaboration and foster supportive relationships. Understand your value as an individual contributor and your capability to create and co-create solutions. Reflect on your sources of inner strength – your unique “pillars” of resilience. Are you neglecting your pillars? If your family members, for example, constitute a pillar of resilience for you, then nurture your connections with them. Strengthen the pillars that need your attention.

Psychologist Kathryn McEwen suggests these steps to help you sustain long-term...

About the Author

Psychologist Audrey Tang also wrote The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness and Be a Great Manager Now! 

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