The notion that Silicon Valley is shaping the future may sound like a truism, but who are the individuals pulling the strings? For journalist Katrina Brooker, it isn’t Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, but maverick billionaire investor Masayoshi Son. Brooker had the opportunity to meet with Son and get a glimpse of his vision and thinking. She shares her impressions in a lively and well-researched portrait of the Japanese business magnate – which investors and tech industry insiders will find instructive.


Japanese billionaire investor and SoftBank Group founder Masayoshi Son has put himself in a position to decisively shape the future of the tech industry. Born into modest circumstances as the son of Korean immigrants, Son was told by his father from early on that he was “a genius” destined to do great things. After graduating from UC Berkeley in economics and computer science, he founded the software company SoftBank in 1981. He drew up a 50-year business plan for the company and set himself extraordinarily ambitious sales targets. Within 15 years, the company became Japan’s largest software distributor. Buoyed by the...

About the Author

Katrina Brooker is a New York-based journalist who contributes to Vanity Fair, Fortune, Bloomberg, and others.

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