Boston Consulting Group professionals Philipp Gerbert and Frank Ruess provide a quantum computing primer for businessfolk. You’ll find answers to many pressing questions about the technology, including how companies should act in the next five to ten years of quantum computing’s development.


Powerful quantum computers may someday master computational problems that are currently too time-consuming to solve. The technology could reshape business, manufacturing, finance, and other industries. Today’s quantum computing is still flawed, and researchers haven’t yet proven that it can produce quicker, cheaper or higher-quality results than classical computing. But proof of the “quantum advantage” is near. And for businesspeople, the next five to ten years of quantum development look to bring significant change. “Medium-sized, if still error-prone” quantum computers and accompanying “quantum annealers” (machines designed to solve optimization problems...

About the Authors

Philipp Gerbert is a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group Munich, where Frank Ruess is a project leader.

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