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The Power of Choice

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The Power of Choice

Embracing Efficacy to Drive Your Career


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You have the power to shape the career you want. 

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There are many books about how to attain success in your chosen profession, but what if people like you are underrepresented in the corporate world? According to diversity specialist Michael C. Hyter, to have true “power of choice” you must create your own opportunities. Carving out your own path means adopting a capacity-building mind-set. Hard work and proficiency aren’t enough. You must build your network and exert a positive influence on others. Concise, direct and unapologetic, Hyter addresses the factors that can undermine success for people who feel they have a lot to prove. 


The power of choice is about taking an active role in expanding your opportunities.

If you are a member of an underrepresented minority group in the corporate world, it might seem that you have fewer opportunities, or that you must work harder to achieve the same goals as your colleagues. While you may face obstacles, you must assume personal responsibility for your path, or risk being left behind. You need to create opportunities for yourself, in spite of trade-offs. To optimize your options, accept the challenge and expand your definition “of who you are and who you can become.” It might feel awkward introducing yourself to executives who don’t share your background or ethnicity, but that is how you build a successful and influential career.

People who have the most satisfaction and success in their careers are those who cultivate relationships and influence their peers. Technical skills lend you credibility within your organization, but you must also learn to support and help others to succeed. Making such connections will keep you present in the minds of others, who will, ...

About the Author

Michael Hyter is the chief diversity officer at Korn Ferry. He has made his career as an author, leadership consultant and thought leader specializing in the development of enterprise leaders and their next-generation successors. 

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