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The Resilient Founder

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The Resilient Founder

Lessons in Endurance from Startup Entrepreneurs


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Start-up entrepreneurs lead high-pressure lives and should protect their mental health.

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Venture capitalist Mahendra Ramsinghani offers support to frenzied entrepreneurs and those around them. He warns start-up founders to prioritize their mental health. Having seen successful friends commit suicide, the author assures entrepreneurs that it’s OK – in fact, it’s wise – to seek psychological support. Although Ramsinghani is not a psychologist – and getAbstract never offers medical counsel – he provides an iceberg-tip guide to psychotherapy. He examines the obstacles that threaten weary founders with burnout, or worse. After talking to more than 100 start-up founders, he has a message: To build your business, boost your mental health.


Inventors, founders and entrepreneurs seek risk and are prone to anxiety, fear of failure, and emotional highs and lows.

Founders of start-up companies need to be sufficiently creative and energetic to start new enterprises and gain the confidence of investors, customers and employees. These entrepreneurs must embrace daunting agendas in the face of skepticism that springs from the knowledge that less than 10% of start-ups succeed. 

A start-up CEO needs to be a positive person, encouraging to others, and both nervy and courageous. But not every founder finds reasons to remain optimistic.

For entrepreneurs who know their enterprises are in trouble, who bury their emotions and struggle with a sense of constant danger, doom or self-doubt, the battle to face each day may require more than they can deliver.

Research indicates that neurotic personality types tend to bury their emotions in alcohol and drugs, overwork, unrealistic fantasies or destructive behaviors. With their need for thrills, adrenalin and constant pressure, founders may find themselves moving toward risky endeavors, the very...

About the Author

Mahendra Ramsinghani is an accomplished venture capitalist and mentor to start-up founders.

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