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The Revelation Conversation

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The Revelation Conversation

Inspire Greater Employee Engagement by Connecting to Purpose


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Leaders can enhance team engagement by connecting employees to a sense of purpose.

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Employee engagement is on the decline globally, says business consultant Steve Curtin, and organizations must take proactive steps to reengage their people. He warns that disengaged teams cost companies money and often prevent them from achieving their key performance indicators. Curtin urges managers, supervisors and leaders to engage workers by helping them connect to their organizations’ higher purpose. In this engrossing manual, he provides a powerful framework that can help leaders and teams discover their “why.”


When employees aren’t driven by purpose, profits suffer.

When you find meaning in your work, it is more likely to engage you. Yet your employees experience a frequent sense of disconnection between their jobs and their sense of meaning or purpose. Even though organizations spend time and effort creating their corporate vision, mission and purpose statements, leaders don’t recall or evoke these statements consistently. Thus, they fail to engage employees by connecting their roles to a greater purpose or meaning.

Employee disengagement correlates to increased absenteeism as well as decreased profitability, customer loyalty and productivity. At the corporate level, disengagement can cost a corporation of 10,000 employees averaging a $50,000-per-year salary more than $60 million annually.

Employee engagement around the world is startlingly low: Only 36% of workers in the United States find their jobs engaging. In the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia, just under 25% of employees are engaged. In Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, that number stands at roughly 20%, while in North Africa and the Middle East, engaged employees...

About the Author

Speaker and consultant Steve Curtin also wrote Delight Your Customers: 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

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