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Emergn CEO Alex Adamopoulos hosts an eclectic panel including digital anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush and best-selling author Don Tapscott. Innovation consultant Erica Dhawan and Harvard University Press editor Julie Kirby weigh in on the debate – Dhawan with the polish of a TED Talk speaker, Kirby in the fashion of a note-shuffling scholar. getAbstract recommends this sometimes practical, sometimes deeply philosophical look at the near future.


When terrorism struck Sydney, Australia, in 2014, people fled the area. During the exodus, Uber began charging exorbitant fares due to its pricing algorithm for high demand. A backlash followed, and Uber sought to make amends. This PR and ethics disaster proved the danger of algorithmic decision making. Often, simple algorithms aren’t enough. Many decisions require human insight. What’s more, “overconnectivity” is plaguing workplaces. It wastes resources and overwhelms workers. These problems call for leaders with “connectional intelligence,” the ability to pull insights from networks, data or human experience. Connectional intelligence...

About the Speakers

Julia Kirby co-wrote Only Humans Need Apply. Rahaf Harfoush is a digital anthropologist. Erica Dhawan is CEO of the consultancy Cotential. Don Tapscott wrote Growing Up Digital, Wikinomics, and more.

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