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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Mark Manson,

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Are you tired of obsessing over minor issues and worrying about what others think? Then “don’t give a fuck.”

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Blogger and master of personal development advice “that doesn’t suck,” Mark Manson, explains why you shouldn’t care what others think or hide from adversity. His writing style is irreverent and unapologetically profane. If 127 occurrences of the word “fuck” seems excessive, this is not the article for you. For those who can get past his linguistic choices, he offers genuine insights into the habits that cause people to care too much about the wrong things. His playful style encourages self-reflection without angst. getAbstract recommends Manson’s perspective to readers with an interest in personal growth and a sense of humor.


Charismatic people generally don’t “give a fuck” about what others think. They are fearless about speaking their minds and leaving situations they don’t enjoy. Most people know someone who has succeeded by behaving boldly. While it’s theoretically easy not to care about unimportant things, most people find themselves taking offense or worrying about what others think of them at some point each day.

People who dwell on every little thing that bothers them expect the world to cater to their wants and needs. This sense of entitlement sets them up for disappointment...

About the Author

Mark Manson is an author, blogger and entrepreneur. He writes personal development advice “that doesn’t suck.”

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    D. B. 6 years ago
    Great advice, focus on the big things and let go of the small.
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    J. W. 7 years ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries This is awesome idea which I cannot agree more! Aiming high and let the small annoyances go away is the right way to live a wise life.
  • Avatar
    D. H. 7 years ago
    I guess the core message here is -have belief in yourself, be resilient and focus on your bigger goals .