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The Top 10 Cloud Myths

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The Top 10 Cloud Myths


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To take full advantage of cloud computing's benefits, chief information officers need to have realistic expectations.

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Companies continue to benefit from using cloud technology, yet there are many misconceptions around its basic tenets, including perceived cost efficiencies, the dangers of vendor lock-in and the advantages or disadvantages of retaining applications in-house. Gartner’s Meghan Rimol outlines the ten most prevalent and misleading myths surrounding cloud computing that may be hindering IT leaders’ ability to formulate realistic cloud strategies.


Myths around cloud computing can hamper company innovation and progress.

The myths surrounding the cloud often obscure its capabilities and hamper business innovation. Organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, yet often fail to reap the expected benefits of migrating.

Many organizations still do not fully understand the ins and outs of cloud computing because of the clear separation between cloud service providers and the organization as customer. This can create unrealistic expectations and hinder progress.

Understanding common misconceptions around cloud computing helps create effective strategies.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) need to be...

About the Author

Meghan Rimol is a senior PR specialist covering information technology for Gartner.

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