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At X (formerly Google X), failure is not only celebrated and rewarded but it’s a badge of honor. X’s “Captain of Moonshots,” Astro Teller, believes this philosophy is the only way for people to take on the world’s most difficult challenges. Embracing the resulting messiness is an inherent part of the moonshot factory’s process. getAbstract recommends the X-man’s talk to managers seeking to infuse their firms with the will to take big risks.


X, formerly Google X, is a “moonshot factory.” A “moonshot” is an audacious, visionary idea, and at the factory, a multidisciplinary team collaborates to design concrete strategies to realize moonshot ideas. The process is threefold: Identify a problem that impinges on millions of people, come up with a radical idea to solve the problem and test the viability of the solution. Xers are free to pursue the wildest concepts unchecked. However, they must challenge these ideas in an effort to prove they won’t work. This combination of enthusiasm and skepticism is messy but productive. For example, millions of people around the world are undernourished...

About the Speaker

Entrepreneur Astro Teller is the “Captain of Moonshots” at X and an expert in intelligent technology.

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