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The Unspoken Truths for Career Success

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The Unspoken Truths for Career Success

Navigating Pay, Promotions, and Power at Work

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Want more promotions and a more satisfying career? Take the right steps to get ahead at work.

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Many people struggle to understand why they can’t get ahead in their career. They work hard while hoping that their managers will notice and reward their efforts, but, more often than not, they wind up burned out and resentful. According to career expert Tessa White, this happens because they spend their working hours on the wrong things. In this clear guide, White breaks down the workplace falsehoods that may be hindering your career and explains how to refocus your efforts to create value for your organization. With her help, you can gain control over your career trajectory and learn to work smarter, not harder.


Lack of control over your career can lead to burnout and disengagement.

Many people in today’s workforce suffer burnout. They may be less engaged with their jobs or feel as though their company doesn’t care about their well-being. In fact, the American Psychological Association states that around a third of employees in the United States report “cognitive weariness,” “emotional exhaustion” and “physical fatigue.”

You might dislike how the corporate world operates, but you can’t throw out corporate culture altogether in most cases. What you can do is change your relationship with your workplace, and learn to navigate it for your benefit by developing a deeper understanding of its ins and outs. With a better grasp of what your employer values when it comes to promotions, salary, performance, work-life balance, and more, you can make better career decisions, have more effective communication with your managers and even get more pay. If you feel stalled at work, have gone three years without a raise or can’t seem to move up the promotional ladder, then it’s time to re-examine how you view your organization and...

About the Author

Tessa White is a former Fortune 50 HR executive known to her one million social media followers as the “Job Doctor.” She has 25 years of experience in developing talent. 

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