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The Wall Street Diet

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The Wall Street Diet

The Surprisingly Simple Weight Loss Plan for Hardworking People Who Don’t Have Time to Diet


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Your corporate lifestyle makes dieting difficult – but not impossible.

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You’re a hard-working corporate professional who has a terrific job and earns a great salary. You climbed to the top fast and plan to stay there. You know what you must do to lose weight. Despite your best efforts, however, you cannot attain this goal. So why can’t an intelligent, goal-oriented individual lose weight? Every aspect of your corporate lifestyle routinely conspires against your weight-loss plans, undermining them at every turn. You face daily daunting eating choices: jelly doughnuts at the office, lavish meals with clients, plus regular cocktail parties with high-calorie alcoholic beverages and tasty goodies on sticks. But don’t despair. Dietician Heather Bauer offers the robust Wall Street Diet plan tailored to your fat-inducing corporate lifestyle. If you are one of the corporate types who can button up million-dollar business deals but not their own pants, getAbstract recommends Bauer’s intelligent strategies to overcome your daily diet challenges. This smart and sensible book will enable you to attain your weight-loss goals with the same verve you bring to your corporate career.


The Wall Street Lifestyle

The princes and princesses of Wall Street are busy, talented, determined individuals. They spend long hours in the office and on the road. Most are high achievers in every aspect of their lives, but many cannot diet and lose weight effectively. How can this be? “Wall Streeters” are highly focused, disciplined, motivated, even driven individuals. They certainly understand the basics of diet and nutrition. Indeed, many of them are veterans of myriad diets. Yet they repeatedly fail to attain their long-term weight-loss goals. What’s the problem? Wall Streeters certainly don’t lack effort or willpower, but they cannot lose weight for one simple reason: their jobs. Work rules their lives. Their work is prestigious, challenging and highly rewarding, so they spend most of their time at it. They focus on work to the exclusion of all else – including healthy eating. Wall Streeters frequently travel on business, which often includes oversized meals at hotels and restaurants. Other pitfalls include entertaining clients, schmoozing over drinks and attending cocktail parties with tables full of tempting hors d’oeuvres. What’s missing for Wall Streeters...

About the Authors

Heather Bauer, R.D., C.D.N., is a professional dietitian in private practice. Kathy Matthews is the co-author and author of several health-related bestsellers.

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