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The Way Up

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The Way Up

Climbing the Corporate Mountain as a Professional of Color


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Discover the secrets to rising within your organization as a professional of color.

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For many professionals of color, facing down biases in the workplace and feeling as if you have to perform perfectly to get a promotion can seem overwhelming. In this helpful text, former COO and author Errol Pierre addresses these issues head on, and offers wisdom from his 10-year journey in corporate America. Pierre (writing with Jim Jermanok) encourages people of color to pursue upward mobility undaunted. He explains that you can advance in an organization if you put a few secrets to use, like the importance of mentorship and a sense of purpose. His advice: equip yourself with these and the other tools he cites to chart a path to the executive suite.


Find your purpose, passion and pride.

For 10 years, author Errol Pierre worked to rise to a C-suite role at a healthcare company in New York City. As a Haitian and a Black man, fulfilling this ambition was no easy feat; and yet, once in the role of COO, Pierre felt conflicted inside. He realized that his job didn’t help anyone; indeed, his company encouraged him to lay people off and to cut the budgets of those below him. He saw that having focused solely on attaining the title of COO during his climb to the top, he’d lost sight of his greater purpose, true passions and sense of pride. Everyone – especially people of color, he feels – must define and incorporate these elements into their careers if they want a fulfilling work life.

Your purpose is your answer to the question, “What have I been put on Earth to accomplish?” Your answer can change with time, but it must always come from within. Pierre defines his purpose as helping other people become the “best version of themselves” – a goal he accomplishes through his work in heathcare. Your purpose guides and shapes your decisions about which...

About the Authors

Dr. Errol Pierre is a business executive, healthcare strategist, public speaker and professor. 

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