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Think Bigger

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Think Bigger

Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business


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Are you ready for the coming wave of big data?

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Big-data expert Mark van Rijmenam’s ambitious, hands-on explanation of big data details its many possibilities. He identifies trends shaping big data and tells readers which technologies offer the greatest advantages. Van Rijmenam addresses the ethical implications that big data raises, and how organizations should make the most of it. He also sketches big data’s possibilities for a score of industries. His treatise moves quickly, but does not always persuade. At times, he could use a good editor and he seems overly concerned with coining catchy phrases, like the “seven V’s.” Despite these caveats, much of his coverage is practicable and immediately applicable. getAbstract recommends this functional overview to readers new to big data, those shaping their company’s related policies and to anyone grappling with the expanding digital world.


The Coming Wave

Humans have recorded data since the start of history. In fact, recording data or keeping records defines history. But 90% of all the data ever recorded have been captured “in the last two years.” Big data has grown “too complex and too dynamic” for anyone to handle “with traditional tools.” Big data demands new tools and a new understanding of its nature, its benefits and of your likely best strategy.

Earlier explanations addressed big data with “three V’s”: velocity, variety and volume.” Today, you need “seven V’s” to define big data’s development:

  1. “Velocity” – Today, companies create, process and store information “in real time or near real time.” People analyze, visualize and share new findings with others at a tremendous pace.
  2. “Variety” – Previously, most data were “structured,” and easily organized. Today, as much as 90% of data are “unstructured,” come in different formats and require varied and sophisticated methods of analysis.
  3. “Volume” – The contemporary world creates data so fast that the total amount doubles “every two years.” This immense flow...

About the Author

Mark van Rijmenam, an entrepreneur, highly sought-after international public speaker and a big data strategist, is founder of Datafloq, a one-stop shop for big data. He is named a global top Big Data influencer.

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