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Top 75 Online Learning Statistics & Trends for 2021

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Top 75 Online Learning Statistics & Trends for 2021

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The online learning industry is growing at a rapid rate.

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Online learning was a growing trend before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the latter accelerated it significantly. What are the advantages of students and professionals learning outside the traditional classroom setting? And what are the current and future trends in the industry? Baidhurya Mani looked at all the online learning statistics he could find – and compiled a list of 75 learning trends. His list offers useful insights for HR and education industry professionals.


The pandemic rapidly accelerated the growth of the online learning industry.

During the past two decades, the e-learning industry has increased ninefold. The United States and Europe are currently the largest e-learning markets. Growth in mobile learning and increased demand in emerging markets, especially Asia, have been the driving forces of the global e-learning market in the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a steep increase in demand for e-learning worldwide.

The start of the pandemic saw an almost universal adoption of online teaching among educational institutions as well as corporations. The popular online learning platform Udemy, for example, saw student enrollment increase more than fourfold, while Udemy for Business reported an 80% rise in course content consumption in March 2020.

Online learning has quickly gained in popularity in K-12 education and universities.

In the United States...

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