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A Powerful System for Achieving Breakthrough Career Success


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Turbo Coach Brian Tracy tells you how to save time, make money, be effective and delegate like a pro.

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If Brian Tracy were your next-door neighbor, he would probably lean over the hedge to advise you on "The Seven Classic Laws of Hedge Trimming" or "The 12 Immutable Principles of Lawn Mowing." Tracy’s mind just seems to naturally work that way, absorbing valuable information on the one end and then translating it into insightful factoids on the other. This book, co-authored by Campbell Fraser, distinguishes itself by the way each brief chapter begins and ends. You start by answering one or two pointed questions about your business approach and, after reading Tracy’s itemized insights, you feel charged up for the "application exercises" at the end. When Tracy writes a book, you expect every detail to be as tidy and complete as an expensive haircut; this volume does not disappoint. It is vintage Tracy. However, readers are advised this is not a book on how to coach others, but a small package of turbo-charged personal advice. highly recommends it for anyone on a personal mission to save time, manage a staff and attain greater success.


Do You Know Yourself?

To coach yourself successfully, employ personal strategic planning. While you may reach your destination eventually without this technique, you’ll arrive much sooner if you use it.

Everyone is familiar with corporate strategic planning. Companies project where they want to be in five years, and then consider the core competencies they need to propel themselves to their goals. Then they create a development plan that, among other things, makes sure that the necessary human resources are ready and able. The same applies to you. Granted, your resource level is different from a corporation’s. Your personal "equity" includes the energy that you will invest in your career. If your energies aren’t bringing you the return you would like, it’s time to review your personal strategic plan.

Effective strategic planning begins with knowing what you do well. Determine your unique competitive advantage compared to others in the marketplace. You also need to understand:

  • Your value system.
  • Your vision for the future.
  • How you plan to achieve that future.
  • What gives you a sense of purpose or meaning.
  • The intermediate...

About the Authors

Brian Tracy is an internationally known business consultant, author and speaker on the subject of personal and professional development. His books include Time Power, TurboStrategy and Eat that Frog! He has consulted with more than 1,000 companies. Campbell Fraser is an authority on entrepreneurial and personal coaching. He built a successful investment company and gives frequent speeches on meeting the challenges of today’s rapidly changing business environment.

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    S. G. 6 years ago
    This summary offers practical advice worth doing.

    I marked this summary as favorite to be read again. Brian Tracy talks about the power of increasing 1 skill in in your life by at least 1% consistently can have a magnitude effect.

    If that doesn't motivate someone to take action, maybe sitting on a bunson burner will.