Turn Enemies into Allies

Turn Enemies into Allies

The Art of Peace in the Workplace (Conflict Resolution for Leaders, Managers, and Anyone Stuck in the Middle)

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Workplace conflict saps employee energy, loyalty, morale and productivity. Unfortunately, most managers lack dispute resolution training. Conflict management expert and aikido master Judy Ringer explains that this Japanese martial art and its mind-body principles can guide managers in handling disputes. She carefully details her step-by-step conflict resolution system as she teaches managers how to use this elegant approach to restore workplace peace. Her philosophy and methods are equally effective in handling disagreements between employees or between friends or family members.


Workplace conflicts can inflict heavy costs on organizations and employees.

Workplace conflict harms productivity, loyalty, morale and energy. Managers who need to deal with disputes often feel stymied or lack conflict resolution training. Yet, this problem merits their attention. The typical American employee wastes close to three hours weekly dealing with workplace conflicts.

A 2008 study says 85% of workers experience some conflict – a problem that squandered $359 billion in aggregate hourly wages, even then. But conflict resolution can be difficult since it requires acknowledging alternative viewpoints and seeking reconciliation. The martial art of Aikido offers a path forward.

Managers have a basic responsibility to defuse employee conflicts; Aikido principles can help.

The principles of the Japanese martial art of aikido offer an effective basis for conflict resolution skills. Aikido derives from judo and jujutsu but it doesn’t focus on defeating an opponent. Aikido helps you form a partnership with your attacker. Helpful...

About the Author

Judy Ringer, the founder of Power & Presence Training, is an international speaker, coach, seminar leader and consultant and holds a third-degree black belt in aikido. She also wrote Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict. Ringer has 25 years’ experience as a coach and trainer, and more than 25 years as an accomplished aikido practitioner.

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