Tweak Your Work-from-Home Life for Better Health

Tweak Your Work-from-Home Life for Better Health

Beth Skwarecki

Lifehacker, 2020

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At work, your employer didn’t shy the costs of ergonomic furniture and technological setup. In the office, you got up to talk to a colleague or go to the meeting room at the end of the hall. Maybe you even had walking meetings. Working from home, all that changed: You’re slumped over your laptop; you make do with your old mouse and keyboard; your dining room table replaced the ergonomic desk; and you sit all day. Take the time to review minute aspects of your home workspace and adopt simple practices that aid your health and well-being.


Changing minute aspects of your remote workspace will improve your health and well-being.

Don’t think of well-being habits as something you do in your spare time. Small changes to your home office setup can help you stay healthy. 

Make sure you’re comfortable, plan your diet and keep your desk tidy. 

These adjustments can make you healthier and more comfortable during...

About the Author

Beth Skwarecki is a senior editor for health topics at Lifehacker. 

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