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Undress Your Stress

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Undress Your Stress

30 Curiously Fun Ways to Take Off Tension


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What's inside?

Stop complaining about stress. Read this book and do something about it.

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This whimsical book is a serious tool for executives. If you’ve ever complained that you’re stressed out, rushed for time or generally just feel like crap, we challenge you to read this book. There’s no rocket science here, but the simple wisdom that Lois Levy doles out might just spark an epiphany. This is common-sense stuff (sleep, play, laugh, quit worrying) that you’d think it would be impossible to forget, even though we all do. is not joking when it recommends this little book to all executives. You’ll feel a little better after you read it, and much better once you follow some of Levy’s advice.


Tiny Tensions

Feeling stressed? Filled with tension? Like most people, you probably don’t take care of yourself very well. Most folks work too much and feel guilty when they take time off or relax, even for a moment. You can undress your stress with 30 simple and fun tension relievers that are so obvious you’ll wonder why you’ve overlooked them.

Over time, stress can tax your system and your health. Your body responds to stress by pumping adrenaline into its systems for the fight-or-flight response. It’s the only innate physical response you have, and it was designed for things like saber-tooth tigers, not a slow ATM machine. Occasionally, our ancestors were faced with major stresses, but they did not face nearly as many little tensions as people deal with today. Yet, the body and its biology remain the same, leaving people with numerous, small-stress reactions all day long.

These take their toll. So, what can you do to counteract that tension and stress?


Three variations on the simple laugh can be a powerful antidote to tension-filled moments and even the accumulation of stress.

  • Major hysterics work wonders - Try a good, deep...

About the Author

Lois Levy  , M.S., is an organizational development consultant specializing in executive and leadership development. A former CIGNA executive, she consults with Fortune 500 senior managers and staff members to help them increase their effectiveness and conducts seminars nationwide.

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