We Made These 10 Social Media Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

We Made These 10 Social Media Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Buffer, 2017




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Buffer, a social media publishing platform, confesses to 10 ways the company has goofed on social media. In this transparent and useful report, Buffer content crafter Alfred Lua explains how tweaking its social media strategy made a difference in terms of reach and engagement. Although most of Buffer’s advice and strategies seem sound, no company’s social media approach will work for everyone, so do keep in mind that this is what worked for Buffer and its specific audience. getAbstract nonetheless recommends Buffer’s input to social media marketers.


Up your game on social media by avoiding these mistakes that social media messaging platform Buffer made and has since corrected:

  1. “Focusing on quantity over quality” – Consider reducing the frequency of your posts, so you share only the best content. Cutting its number of posts from four or five per day to one or two tripled Buffer’s engagement and reach on Facebook.
  2. “Being on all social media platforms” – Focus on the best-performing platforms, and concentrate your efforts where they can earn the best results.
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About the Author

Alfred Lua is a content crafter at Buffer.

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