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We Should All Be Millionaires

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We Should All Be Millionaires

A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power

HarperCollins Leadership,

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What's inside?

What’s stopping you from earning millions? Learn to build wealth by shifting your mind-set and taking inspired action.

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All women, not just those born into privilege, can become millionaires, says Rachel Rodgers. When Rodgers experienced the fear of not knowing whether she could pay her bills, she launched Hello Seven, which eventually grew into a multimillion-dollar company that helps women build wealth. She argues that achieving millionaire status starts with reframing your narratives about money and adopting a new strategy. Combining motivational prose, her own experiences and socioeconomic research, Rodgers acknowledges the systemic barriers to building wealth, then encourages you to topple them.


Building wealth requires that you overcome self-limiting money narratives.

If you believe that you could never become a millionaire because you didn’t grow up rich, or because your government isn’t fair, you’re wrong. Anyone can become a millionaire with the right mind-set and strategy. Start by acknowledging that self-limiting beliefs – such as, “making money is hard” – aren’t actually true. You likely developed these limiting money narratives during childhood, or society has conditioned you to doubt your wealth-generating potential. Try reflecting on the adversity you’ve overcome, and treat it as evidence of your resilience and ability to improve your life.

You’re in control of your thoughts, and you can change your cognitive patterns, just as you might create new habits. For instance, when you catch yourself thinking that you’ll never pay off your debt, replace this thought with a “Million-Dollar Thought,” such as “I am capable of changing my situation.” Reframe your financial narratives by questioning yourself regarding their origins and truth, and assessing the effects of these thoughts. Determine...

About the Author

Attorney and business coach Rachel Rodgers is the founder of Hello Seven, a multimillion-dollar company that aims to empower women to build more wealth.

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