What Can We Learn from Politics?

What Can We Learn from Politics?

Josh Bersin Podcast

Josh Bersin, 2021




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Politics has become so polarized that most businesses want to avoid taking sides at all cost. But this is not possible, HR guru Josh Bersin explains in this thoughtful podcast episode. For Bersin, business and politics travel on a two-way street: While corporate decisions influence political outcomes, companies can also learn a lot from politics about how to improve their own decision-making. Corporate leaders who want to be good citizens and reach sound business decisions will appreciate Bersin’s constructive, nonpartisan insights.


Business owners are part of the political process, whether they want to be or not.

Businesses and their leaders like to keep themselves above the political fray to avoid alienating employees and customers. Yet companies, their leaders and employees, play a critical role in the political process; after all, every member of a company is a citizen of society.

Company policies directly affect political issues, including the state of the environment, racial justice and the integration of immigrants. Companies can decide to proactively promote more minorities and women into leadership positions, build a more inclusive workforce and create a fairer...

About the Podcast

Josh Bersin is a renowned industry analyst, author, adviser and educator focused on the topics of HR, leadership and workplace technology solutions. He founded Bersin by Deloitte. 

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