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In the past few years, chief marketing officers (CMOs) have started playing a more important role in their companies. They’re not just expected to lead marketing and advertising efforts; they’re also supposed to facilitate among different teams to promote success for all. Sprout Social’s CMO Jamie Gilpin gives readers the rundown on the roles that modern CMOs should fill – and how social media represent a hidden asset for the business as a whole. This simple read is short on specifics but provides helpful food for thought for the modern CMO.


Chief marketing officers (CMOs) today have more influence than ever. Ninety percent of companies say that CMOs are critical in helping different departments work together and improve bottom lines. Social media are a critical tool that CMOs can leverage to help businesses succeed not just in marketing, but overall. When surveyed, 71% of social media marketers said the medium gives them a valuable glimpse into consumer interests that their colleagues in sales...

About the Author

Jamie Gilpin is the chief marketing officer at social media management company Sprout Social.

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