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What Lies Beyond Digital for Insurance Operations?

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What Lies Beyond Digital for Insurance Operations?

Boston Consulting Group,

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Why should humans complete repetitive, mundane tasks when that could be the work of digital systems?

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Insurance is going through a major shift toward the digital, and legacy insurance companies are going to have to embrace AI if they wish to remain competitive. The future is bionic. Humans and machines will work together to bring customers a seamless experience. Automation will make things fast and easy, while human employees will add emotional intelligence in cases needing a more nuanced approach. In this special report, the Boston Consulting Group explains how a bionic insurance company might function.


Bionic insurance operations like “live tracking,” “proactive and preemptive services,” and “dynamic mass personalization” will lead to better customer experiences.

Customer satisfaction tends to be low in the insurance industry. Traditional insurance companies typically get a net promoter score (NPS) of between zero and 20. Digital and insurtech companies usually garner higher scores, somewhere between 30 and 50. Want an NPS above 50? That’s the promise of the bionic insurance company. The bionic company will benefit the customer by providing excellent service while removing steps from the customer journey, thereby reducing demands on the client.

Live tracking lets insurance companies stay in touch with the customer via digital notifications so customers know what will happen next regarding their cases. Proactive services might notify customers when a wildfire...

About the Authors

Erwin Dirnberger (Vienna), Christopher Freese (Berlin), Michelle Hu (Shanghai) and Michael Urban (New York) are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group. 

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