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Using his trademark frenzied presentation style, marketing guru Scott Galloway analyzes the seven firms vying to join the “four horsemen” – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – on the quest for a $1 trillion market capitalization. getAbstract recommends Galloway’s fast-paced treatise to investors and anyone captivated by the titans of business.


Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – the “four horsemen” – are each targeting a $1 trillion market capitalization. These firms excel due to their mastery of eight dimensions:

  • “Product” – Each company owns intellectual property rights to differentiated products.
  • “V-Cap” – Due to clearly delineated visions, these firms enjoy access to cheap capital.
  • “Global” – The corporations have a presence in the United States, Europe and China.
  • “Maternal” – Each firm cares for its employees and invests heavily in human capital.
  • “Vertical” – The four horsemen control the distribution of their products.
  • “Identity” – The companies use data tracking to study consumer buying...

About the Speaker

Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing and brand strategy at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

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