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Who Rocked the Boat?

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Who Rocked the Boat?

A Story about Navigating the Inevitability of Change

Mango Publishing,

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Change is inevitable, so deal with it one step at a time.

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Change typically makes people uncomfortable, even when it’s necessary. Disruption creates insecurity, uncertainty and often fear. But knowledge is power, and that’s precisely what FranklinCovey Senior Change Consultant Curtis Bateman offers: a knowledgeable guide to navigating disruptive change. The process of changing becomes far less intimidating once you understand the predictable pattern of change and how people respond to it. Bateman illustrates the principles of change using a metaphorical river journey that becomes adventurous. When ships fly, you’ll see change in an entirely different light.


Leaders who are adept at storytelling can help employees navigate disruptive change.

Storytelling is a reliably effective method for conveying the principles, practices and upheavals that affect people and organizations. Though major changes usually feel tumultuous and unpleasant, they follow a consistent pattern. Understanding how that process of change unfolds will help you manage transitions in various circumstances, whether you’re leading a company, taking charge of a team or forging a new direction in life.

Acknowledging how change unfolds makes you less likely to blame others for “rocking the boat” and creating chaos.Finding fault is counter-productive. Successful change occurs when people commit to collaborate on an effective strategy for the shifting currents ahead.

In this parable, a crisis upsets a serene voyage.

The captain and his mates were enjoying calm waters and pleasant surroundings as they floated down the river aboard their ship Results. They needed to navigate past a mountain to reach their destination and unload their cargo. The crew members had...

About the Author

Curtis Bateman is a senior change consultant for FranklinCovey and vice president of international direct offices.

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