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Why Isn’t Agile Working?

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Why Isn’t Agile Working?

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Agile is often billed as an easy path to productivity, but it can’t help organizations that don’t first grasp some key concepts.

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Agile project management techniques have the potential to help companies develop software focused on their customers’ needs in less time and with less waste than the old approaches. But as author John Cutler points out in this short, illustrated read from Hackernoon, agile isn’t a magic pill that will fix an organization’s productivity woes on its own. getAbstract recommends this short post as a starting point for those who may be considering an agile implementation but aren’t sure what to expect.


Over the past couple of decades, many software companies and IT departments have realized that development rarely proceeds in a straight line from initial requirements to finished product. As teams struggled with changing requirements and grumbling customers, firms searched for more efficient ways to keep up with ever-evolving specifications and expectations. Against this backdrop of confusion and frustration, agile project management techniques emerged as a new approach to tackle the challenges that modern technology projects present.

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About the Author

John Cutler is a product development expert and a frequent technical contributor to Hackernoon and Medium.

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