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Why Men Win at Work

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Why Men Win at Work

Luath Press,

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The glass ceiling is an invisible, effective barrier that blocks women’s careers and seals in inequality.

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Feminism is misunderstood, consultant Gill Whitty-Collins argues. Her book includes elements of both an engaging memoir and an academic research project. She explains that feminism is simply belief in gender equality. Overt discrimination remains a problem, but the gender barriers most working women are likely to confront are subtle or nearly invisible. Whitty-Collins uses her personal work history, anecdotes from other women and research data to define the less visible issues surrounding gender bias in the workplace. This is an important narrative for women seeking confirmation and ways forward, and for men seeking an education.


Gender discrimination is an invisible workplace condition.

Gill Whitty-Collins grew up in a feminist household with two sisters and a supportive father. He encouraged his daughters to believe in their abilities to achieve excellence through hard work and discipline. After attending Cambridge University, Whitty-Collins did not feel inferior or disadvantaged because of her gender. She dismissed arguments about bias against women. But suddenly, as a mid-career executive, she confronted an invisible force field of gender-based discrimination in her workplace.

Once she became aware of the problem, Whitty-Collins spotted signs of gender bias all around her. She personally witnessed gender bias “so unconscious and invisible” that some women fail to see it and may unconsciously add to it. Men often remain unaware of their male privileges. Whitty-Collins confronted insidious barriers that defeat women at different career stages and hamper them from attaining leadership positions. Today, men occupy more than 90% of the leadership roles in business and society. Due to the coronavirus pandemic...

About the Author

Popular keynote speaker and consultant Gill Whitty-Collins worked 26 years for P&G, most recently as a senior vice president in charge of several global brands.

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    W. B. 3 years ago
    This book is total misrepresentations of men and women in workplace. The key that author is missing is that even though there are significant differences between men and women in workplace they are not caused by gender itself but multiple other factors. For example women are more agreeable than men which makes them more kind, empathetic and willing to cooperate - which makes them great at some jobs like teacher and doctor but puts them at disadvantage in fighting for high management positions in corporations. Besides the premis itself of this book is false because it suggests that it's better for women to be equally represented in top positions. The simple fact is that women are less interested in pursuing such careers and are much happier when they have normal jobs and can focus on family life.