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You: Staying Young

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You: Staying Young

The Owner's Manual to Extending Your Warranty


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You may know your age – but do you know how you are aging? Here’s how to do it better.

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Many people believe they cannot prevent the physical and mental decline associated with old age. Not true. As you age chronologically, you can “reprogram” your body and its vital systems, so that you stay relatively young, biologically. Doctors Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz, experts on the aging process, explain how. Their helpful guide on reversing the damage of aging is packed with fascinating information about how your body works. It details how to enjoy a healthy, physically vibrant life well into old age. Two minor drawbacks: The writing style and layout can get way too cutesy, and many of the cartoonish line-drawings are just plain gross, depicting internal organs with smiley faces, and creepy liver-spotted characters drenched in icky goo. Otherwise, getAbstract applauds this down-to-earth, fact-filled, comprehensive guide to diet, nutrition, exercise, health and maintaining physical youth. Read it to learn how to turn back your biological clock. If you want to make staying young your new hobby, this is your user’s manual.


You Are Only as Old (Biologically) as You Let Yourself Become

To keep feeling young and vital even into advanced old age, minimize your risk for disease by staying healthy at the all-important cellular level. Keeping your cells young and strong will keep your whole body (relatively) young and strong. How? As you age, your cells become less resilient. But by making wise lifestyle choices, you have the power to boost your cells’ resiliency substantially and, thus, increase your health and vitality. People who achieve this feat will be younger biologically than their age-mates who do not take care of themselves.

It is not too late to do something meaningful about your health. Starting now, you can begin to reverse the physical damage you may have done and turn back your body’s aging clock. You can combat the 14 “major agers” that work at the cellular level to make you decrepit and ill. First, you must understand what these agers do; then you can learn to counter their negative effects:

  1. Genes – Do you believe that your genetic heritage is what inevitably makes you ill? Not true. Studies of twins show that health is based 25% on genes and 75% ...

About the Authors

Michael F. Roizen, M.D., is chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic and author of the RealAge series of books. Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., is a professor and vice chair of surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University. He also wrote Healing from the Heart. They are the co-authors of You: On a Diet, You: The Smart Patient and You: The Owner’s Manual.

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    1 decade ago
    Haven't read this book nor either of the other two books by these authors, but I know enough that most of don't want to age before our time! I personallly am 56 years of age & most people can't perceive that & I take that as a compliment! Would definitely like to read this book whether it's a free offer or not & that includes the other two books!