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Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Simon & Schuster,

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Tony Robbins’s uplifting playbook shows how to profit from – and find fulfillment in – today’s economy.

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Best-selling author Tony Robbins provides a detailed, practical handbook on the principles, rules and psychology of investing in today’s unpredictable economy. He draws insights from interviews with more than 50 of the world’s greatest “money masters,” including Warren Buffett. Robbins offers a straightforward, serviceable how-to guide to achieving “financial freedom.” He offers advice on investing in mutual funds, index funds and retirement plans, but beyond the usual menu, he also recounts basic, intuitive principles for achieving financial “peace of mind.” Robbins heeds the real purpose of acquiring money: living a fruitful and fulfilling life on your own terms. getAbstract recommends his warm, good-humored and useful guide to financial advisers, business students and people who want to take control of their financial future.


Confidence and Serenity in a Volatile World

Financial insecurity is one of the main sources of anxiety in contemporary life. People dream of having the “peace of mind” of knowing that they can meet their needs and supply some comforts for themselves and their families without worrying about a sudden recession or financial demand.

People long to be financially and mentally “unshakeable.” They become unshakeable when the fear of uncertainty doesn’t govern them and the turbulent economy doesn’t fluster them. Yet since the 2008 recession, the world seems fraught with uncertainty. Interest rates have been near or below zero and “safe” investments in bonds yield negligible returns. Even some top thinkers in the financial world are bewildered.

If you’re confused, the bright news is that a few people do have solid information and workable answers to your fiscal challenges. These experts have figured out how to reap substantial rewards in bad times and good. They include hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, index fund visionary Jack Bogle, JPMorgan Asset Management CEO Mary Callahan Erdoes, oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens and legendary investor Warren Buffett. In interviews...

About the Authors

Tony Robbins, author of the bestseller Money: Master the Game, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist famous for his business and personal development events. Barron’s ranked Peter Mallouk as the number one financial adviser in the United States for three consecutive years.

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    V. B. 2 years ago
    The author has given a lecture. What he did and how he acheived frinacial freedom, should have been covered to generate confidence of readers in what he says. Most of the peoepl in the world are spending most of thier time in chasing money. They never address the question as what is their upper limit to accumulate wealth and what is their purpose of doing so. They hence end up their lives in just chasing money at the cost of their health, family, relations and therefore regret for having spent a useless/meaningless life. Has the author achieved finacial freedon and peace of mind? How one can get out of greed of money, be addressd in this book. The author therfore must either answer above questions, or write one more book to have answers to these questions.
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    C. E. 6 years ago
    The text to speech function is poor at best. What improvements can be expected?
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    M. L. 6 years ago
    Very good summary, I have read the book

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