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15 Minutes Including Q&A

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15 Minutes Including Q&A

A Plan to Save the World From Lousy Presentations

Persuasive Speaker Press,

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Wake up your audience, and they will pay attention to your presentation.

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Joey Asher, president of Speechworks, teaches businesspeople how to speak in public. In this compact manual, featuring small pages with big type, Asher presents his techniques for delivering solid presentations. Some of them might read as contrary to usual practice, such as encouraging audience questions during your speech, instead of after, or repeating just three points. Asher introduces helpful procedures and explains the steps – from rehearsal to Q&A – to delivering a riveting business presentation. getAbstract suggests that anyone who must make presentations will greatly benefit from reading Asher’s eminently helpful book. Now you can stand proud at the lectern knowing that you will be ready.


Presentations from Hell

Most businesspeople deliver wretched presentations with all the energy of a wilted houseplant. Their speeches are pointless and verbose. They make no impact. They fail to address the audience’s concerns. They do not include metaphors, analogies or anything else interesting, and they bulk up on extraneous information or bloated PowerPoint assemblies. They also fail to provide adequate time for questions and answers after the main body of the talk.

Brevity and Clarity

To give a powerful presentation, make sure your speech lasts no more than 15 minutes: seven minutes for the presentation plus eight minutes for questions and answers. Develop a passionate delivery style, as if you are talking at dinner with a good friend about a subject that compels you. Never recycle previous speech materials, such as old PowerPoint slides. Develop new information to engage you and your audience.

To keep your presentation within a 15-minute limit, avoid unnecessary phrasing that doesn’t provide any information, such as, “First, let me start by giving you a little background.” Don’t update your listeners on things they already know. Offer material...

About the Author

Joey Asher is president of Speechworks, an Atlanta communication-skills coaching company. He also wrote Even a Geek Can Speak.

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