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3 Words for Getting Unstuck

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3 Words for Getting Unstuck

Live Yes And...


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The “Live Yes, and” philosophy represents a prime pinnacle of positivity.

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As a child, Alyssa loved gymnastics, but she suffered three debilitating cruciate ligament injuries. In college, Alyssa experienced another knee injury. Continuing in gymnastics would eventually cause her lifelong disabilities. So after college graduation, she became an aerial circus performer. Alyssa is an exemplary role model of the “Live Yes, and” mind-set. Corporate trainer and performance coach Travis L. Thomas explains his positive philosophy, details its 10 core principles and offers ideas on how you can incorporate “Live Yes, and” in your life.


The 10 core principles of the “Live Yes, and” philosophy can help you get unstuck.

Once in a while, people get stuck – for example, in disastrous relationships, bad jobs or serious illness. Getting stuck occasionally is normal, and you can’t avoid it. What’s important is what you do to move forward. To get unstuck, follow 10 core principles that can radically revolutionize your life:

First, “the answer to ‘how’ is ‘yes’.” All things become possible when you say yes.

From childhood on, author Travis Thomas was an exuberant extrovert, and a natural performer who loved to get up in front of people and entertain. His earliest ambition was to become a cast member of Saturday Night Live.

As a young man living in Boston in 1998, Thomas signed up for classes at the Improv Asylum Training Center. The facility trained students for a new theater that had just opened. Although he was new to formal acting, Thomas promised himself he would become part of the theater’s Main Stage cast. With no professional comedy, acting or improv background, Thomas had no idea how to make this happen...

About the Author

Travis L. Thomas is the creator of the “Live Yes, and” philosophy, as well as the 30 Days of YES program. He also hosts The Weekly Yes, And podcast.

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