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Agile Selling

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Agile Selling

Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World


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In sales, you must learn fast and adapt even faster.

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Companies give most businesspeople the time they need to learn their jobs. However, sales professionals rarely get that opportunity and often must learn everything on the fly. Companies often expect salespeople to produce right away, but that isn’t always possible or prudent. Veteran sales expert Jill Konrath explains how to become a fast-track learner in sales and how to produce deals under pressure. She is a knowledgeable, entertaining writer, so busy salespeople will savor her brief, snappy chapters and appreciate her practical advice for success. getAbstract recommends Konrath’s manual to salespeople, their managers and all entrepreneurs.


Constant Change Requires New Knowledge

Because change is constant in sales, the ability to adapt to new circumstances is a priority. Salespeople must constantly stay on top of evolving products, services and markets; incoming novice buyers who replace old ones; revised strategic plans; updated sales compensation programs; the latest customer relationship management software; and incoming bosses who have their own ideas about smart selling. Many salespeople routinely change jobs, which means absorbing new product, market and industry information. On a macro level, salespeople need to remain aware of industry, national and global economic changes and political transitions.

As a salesperson who is subject to quotas and dependent on commissions, you don’t have time to deal with all this unsettling upheaval: You must get up to speed and stay up to speed, no matter what new items pop up on your plate. This requires cultivating your “learning agility” – the ability to pick up new knowledge quickly and efficiently.

“Rapid-Learning Strategies”

Teach yourself to become an agile, adept learner by putting six rapid-learning strategies to work:

    About the Author

    Veteran sales strategist Jill Konrath is a popular speaker. She wrote Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers.

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      A. M. 4 years ago
      Insightfull tips not only for salespeople but also for all workers in general
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      A. H. 8 years ago
      Great tips, especially for new hires. Key take away was for me that multitasking is not a good way to get many things done at once, because it causes degradation of the brain’s processing power.