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Continuous Discovery Habits

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Continuous Discovery Habits

Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value

Teresa Torres,

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Structure your product research process to find better solutions that benefit you and your customers.

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Product coach Teresa Torres guides product developers through a continual discovery process, focusing on solutions to customer needs that also create business value. Torres condenses her 12-week product discovery program into a step-by-step process that goes from determining your desired outcome to delivering effective products. Learn the essential habits that keep your product teams on track and enable them to deliver sound, tested solutions to meet your company’s goals. Torres’s dense guide, which offers many helpful examples, will be a boon to those working in all types of product management.


Follow the “continuous discovery” process to structure the way you make decisions, implement research and create strong product testing.

As a product team member, your job is to find innovative product solutions to meet corporate goals, such as increasing profit or retaining more customers. You want to begin with your goal and work backward to reverse engineer your product parameters, but that is not as simple as it may seem. Without structure, you can chase the wrong solutions, costing your company money, time and even customers.

Implement a structured, continual discovery process to develop new products that achieve your goals. This strategy will:

  1. Eliminate clashes between stockholders’ needs and customers’ needs by creating value for both.
  2. Foster a shared understanding among the members of your product team about how to reach desired results.
  3. Teach team members how to use a continuous development mind-set in product testing.
  4. Support better decision making.
  5. Boost team members’ confidence that they know what to do if things...

About the Author

Teresa Torres is an author, speaker and product discovery coach.  

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